2014 - "Jumelage sans frontiere - Eco-citizenship"

2014 - Proiect in Franta, Annecy "Jumelage sans frontiere" ( "Înfrăţire fără frontiere")

Leader de proiect: Ludilangues, Franta
Perioada: 16 - 24 iulie 2014
Romania - Asociatia Green Evolution

Descriere proiect:
Scopul acestui proiect a fost realizarea unui schimb european pe tema eco-cetățenie pentru tineri cu varste intre 15 si 17 ani. Proiectul s-a desfasurat la Annecy, Franta.

Prin acest proiect educațional, asociatia Ludilangues din Franta doreste sa ofere tinerilor europeni din diferite tari, posibilitatea de a se exprima liber, in diferite forme, cu privire la acest subiect "eco-cetatenie".

Tari participante: Franta, Spania, Polonia si Romania.

Teamleader echipa din Romania: Mirela Vaduva
Cirstian Andreea
Gherasim Andreea Mihaela
Mirsanu Cristina
Militaru Daria

Galerie foto

Impresii si pareri

Daria din Romania
"Hi! My name is Daria and I was part of the Romanian team, Green Evolution, in the youth exchange in Annecy, France about eco-citizenship. I'm writing this report to tell other people how many things I learned from this camp.
First of all I learned a lot of new things in other languages thanks to the linguistically workshops that our leaders hosted. Now I can introduce myself in French, tell jokes in polish and ask questions in Spanish.
I also learnt many songs in the musical workshops, with the help of Typhaine Ler, the French leader. I saw many musical talents during these workshops and I am glad I was able to listen to some amazing voices.
Don't think we stayed all day in the campus and did those workshops. We also visited a lot of things like: the beautiful city that was very close to us, Annecy; a nice exhibition about the assembling between monkeys and humans; an interesting museum about the beginning of the animation films; a water treatment station because we couldn't forget about the point of the camp: eco-citizenship.
On the other hand, I am not a very sportive person anymore so I didn't took part in all the sportive activities. But the activities that I took part in were amazing. There were games that didn't request a lot of effort, included all the participants, were funny and we got to know each other better.
We were lucky to have Yann, a movie director from France, and a master in stop-motion movies. He was kind enough with us to let us borrow his knowledge in animation movies and do some short stop-motion videos. It was a lot of hard work to manage that, but we were all very pleased with the results.
The first evening in this camp was spent with games to know each other. At first they seemed a bit silly, but I was proved wrong the next morning when I knew everybody's name. Now, looking back at those games, I am sure I’ll want to do them again when I have to deal with a group where I don't know anybody.
The campus we lived in had a beautiful view over the mountains and the fields around us. The rooms had enough space, each with its own bathroom. I heard some complaining about the food, but for me, honestly, I’ve been to camps where I couldn’t even touch the food and this wasn’t that case.
We had so many amazing moments that it’s very hard to pick one. I loved every moment we spent in groups, just us, the teenagers from many countries, either playing games, solving missions or just having free time.
I also can’t choose a weird moment. Every second was weird in a funny way. But maybe it felt a little bit weird at the first breakfast because even though I knew everybody’s name, I didn’t know their personality so I felt like a stranger.
But at the end of the camp I was so sad we had to leave. I made friends with everybody and made sure there is a way to stay in touch after we leave.
The leaders didn’t feel like they were our leaders. They were our friends. They played games with us, taught us amazing things, ate with us at every meal and made sure we had a great time. They could be strict when they had to, but thankfully, that didn’t happen very often.
In conclusion, I loved this youth exchange and I would go back any second if I could.