2015 - "Discovering Recycling Craft" - Tincabesti - Snagov, Romania

2015 - Project Green Evolution "Discovering Recycling Craft" in Tincabesti, Romania

The project's aim is to involve youngers with ages between 13 and 20 in identifying the possibilities of reusing different types of waste (plastic bottles, metal cans, paper, cardboard etc). Thus, the participants are involved both in waste collection, and in changing these wastes to create nice products and practical as well. The project aims to increase awareness regarding the harmful role of packaging waste on the environment and to identify means designed to reduce the amount of waste that could harm the soil.
Team leader: Roventa Mihaela, Cirstian Alin
Participants: Dumitrescu Elena, Cirstian Andreea, Cornea Ana, Balzs Maria, Gagu Stefania, Rahimi Aida, Ioane Catalin, Cirstian Gabriel, Roventa Luca Nicolae

Participants have made:
• jewelry from PET bottles (necklaces in different colors);
• jewelry (necklaces, bracelets) from aluminum cans (Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Bergenbier etc.);
• office supplies support for storage of pencils made from metal cans;
• flower vases made from perfume bottles, metal disposable hangers and wooden pieces
• PET bottles containers for storing different things

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