2014 - The purpose of the project "FOOD EVOLUTION" initiated by the Association Green Evolution:
(i) information and education activities aimed to influence the behavior of human in terms of food waste, because this waste means a waste of natural resources;
(ii) supporting the needy people with food products (products that otherwise would have gone in the trash).

Necessity: given that in 2050 the planet will have over 9 billion people and considering the changes in recent years within the diet of the population, it is estimated that food demand will be higher by 70%.
Statistics show that 15% of the wasted food was not even taken out of the package. It is expected that at this rate, by 2020, the amount of food thrown away will arrive at European level, to 126 million tonnes, higer by 40% compared to today.

The main causes of waste:

- lack of awareness of the amount of food that is thrown away;
- the confusion between "valid until ... ' and ' Best before ... ';
- lack of a shopping plan etc.

Actions if the projects:
1. Carrying out awareness campaigns to inform about the impact of food waste and presenting solutions in this regard → sharing flyers / advertising materials inside grocery shops / public spaces (schools, parks, etc..). Carrying out this project in the grocery was possible with the involvement of Mega Image, member of Delhaize Group, which offered to the volunteers members of Green Evolution access and support.
2. Initiate discussions / debates with the mamagements within the restaurant & food industry
3. Intensive communication of this campaign by any media source: internet, facebook etc.

Benefits of the project:

- Increasing the awareness of the local population in terms of food waste;
- Dissemination of project benefits among children, youth, adults;
- Driect involvement of children and youth in actions for a sustainable development.

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